portsonar focuses on producing lush, atmospheric & evolving electronica based upon playful harmonies blended with throbbing baselines and hefty beats and transitions. We aim to intrigue and engage in a somewhat pleasant way. We intend to make music worth listening to, not only dance to. With such goals in mind portsonar represents a new, fresh piece of the enormous, overcrowded electronic music universe.

If you are into engaging, groovy, smooth and intelligent electronica rather than mindless four-to-the-floor and hands-in-the-air kind of music, portsonar might be something for you. Anyway you are the judge & the jury.

Under the music category you’ll find lots of free electronica. Choose between plenty tracks signed by portsonar. You can either stream or download - all free of charge (yes, some things in life are free).

© Copyright Notice: commercial use, sale or distribution without written consent of the author is prohibited.
This also applies to short samples taken from our tunes.

Thanks in advance.


The five freshest

Here is a shortcut to our last five free mp3 tracks (the best things in life are free). Under the music category you’ll find a lot more free music signed by portsonar.

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    Title Time Genre BPM Released
Restructure 3:08 Electronica ? Jan 2012
Bosque 3:03 Electronica ? Jan 2012
Il Freddo 2:44 Electronica ? Nov 2011
Ro 3:06 Electronica ? Nov 2011
Panikk 3:09 Electronica ? Jun 2011